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I’ve found the FishStix Rod that I want but can’t add it to my cart


There may be an issue with our online inventory, please feel free to call us directly at 903-922-3563 so that we can make sure we have what you're looking for. If we do not have what you are looking for in stock then we will build it for you!


Has my order been sent yet ?


Custom Orders do take a few weeks to build, then it takes a few days to ship. If at any point you want to know the status of your product please call us at 903-922-3563 so that we can communicate directly about the shipping and arrival date!


Can you give me more information about a certain FishStix Product?

We will be glad to answer any question you have. Please call us at 903-922-3563 or please email us at


Can I track my order ?


If you call us at 903-922-3563 or email us at and request a tracking number, we will be glad to provide you with the tracking number.



Part of my order is missing


An item in your order may have been on backorder. We will call you if anything is backordered longer than one week. If you agree for us to go ahead and ship what we have in stock, then we will do so.


Which methods of payments can I use?


When shopping on our website, you can use PayPal, or any of your credit cards.

You’ve sent me the wrong items


Please call us at anytime if you did not receive the correct order. Our phone number is 903-922-3563.


I forgot to use my discount code


Coupon codes aren't always available, however, if you do have a coupon code then you should use it when you are checking out. We will not be able to go back and apply it to your order.



Is it safe to order online?


When you order from our website, it is perfectly safe for you! We can not use your credit card information, and we cannot see your credit card information. Your package will arrive safely because all of our products are professionally packaged.

Delivery - How much is it and how long does it take?


The delivery time is different depending on locations. We ship almost all of our packages via FedEx Ground. Shipping charges on all rods is $35.00

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